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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Keeping the magic alive...

How many of you clicked in thinking that this would be some sort of romantic blog about ways to maintain a fresh and frisky relationship? Clearly I'm not an expert on that kind of thing but I am somewhat obsessed with the world of... Harry Potter!! This week, there is a fantastic show at the Gaiety Theatre called Potted Potter - The Unauthorised Harry Experience. I wasn't really sure what to expect but myself and my friend Ruth went to see every one of the movies together so we decided to give it go.

And how happy I was that we did! From start to finish, I was pretty much moved to tears of laughter. For the Harry Potter nerd in me, there were plenty of in-jokes along with some interesting observations and opinions that might have spoiled the story for anyone who might not have read the books or seen the movies. The costumes are minimal, the set looks like it's been designed with cheap, second-hand pieces and there are hardly any special effects (apart from a very dangerous dragon in book 4 and a disco ball in book 7). None of that makes any difference however, as the 2 lads don wigs, adopt silly accents and use a wide variety of inventive props in order to convey the entire Harry Potter series (that I spent approximately 4 years reading) in under an hour and a half. It missed a lot of the important points in the stories but made up for it with audience participation in a truly magical game of Quidditch and with a fantastic finale song.

Another aspect that really resonated with me (and this may have just been the night I was there) but there were several moments where there was a spontaneous ad lib that lent a much more relaxed feel to what is clearly a highly rehearsed show. A great night for all the family, it's running until Sunday at the Gaiety, before moving down to Cork and Galway. Follow the show on Twitter and Facebook to find out future dates if you can't make these. Or try Apparating to Hong Kong in September for the next run... Can't believe I nearly got through the whole thing without a spell-related joke!

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