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Monday, 31 October 2011

Eh...where am I now?

As the plane taxied down the runway, all I could see was grey drizzle and mist out the window. New York in the rain isn't the worst thing in the world but it did make me doubt that I had actually even left Ireland. Once the bus from the airport emerged from the tunnel, I couldn't keep the smile off my face as we passed through the familiar streets of downtown New York. Almost felt like coming home. But I digress....

Saying goodbye to my mother was a bit tough, I did well up a bit while waiting to check in for my flight. Then all my upset was blitzed by rage. My stupid suitcase was overweight so I had to pay €75 to get it checked in. Should have just gone with getting a second bag instead. Live and learn I suppose! Flight was fairly uneventful; I watched 3 supremely shit movies and didn't enjoy the food (surprise surprise).

I found the hostel easily enough and got myself checked in and settled. And decided to head straight to Hoboken. Again, the familiarity when I was coming out of the PATH station was crazy. I strolled on up to the Dubliner but found that I didn't recognise any of the staff. The food menu hadn't changed and the Quesadillas were as delicious as they always were! Headed to the Shannon then to see Cathy and Cormac, nothing changed there thankfully. Then it was off to Whiskey Bar to see the wonderful 7Mornings perform (pictured below, fantastic gig!). It felt like I'd never even left the place!

I was sensible enough to leave at a reasonable hour and head back to my hostel and was able to get up on Friday morning for a tour of Central Park. Who knew that there was so much to see in one park? I learned loads. It is completely man made, there is nothing there that was not designed and constructed. There is a conservancy now of private individuals who provide 85% of the funding in order to maintain the park's pathways and bodies of water. Good job they've done too. This is probably my favourite photo, I didn't even know this statue was in the park!

I also got to visit the Plaza hotel - the scene of some of my favourite movies! That was pretty exciting. Also went into FAO Schwartz; not really my thing although I did get kind of excited when I saw the Harry Potter section. And I managed to get this wonderful picture with a lovely toy soldier. I kind of want one to take home with me....

Since I've arrived, it has been raining, snowing, sunny; it's been just like home to be honest. 4 seasons in a few days!! To see the rest of my photos see here....First 24 hours in NYC

Moral of the Story - while it can be sad to leave the place you call home, it doesn't mean that you will never find a home somewhere else!

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